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Translation involves reading a written text, understanding it’s fundamental meaning and reconstructing it in the language of the target audience so that they can grasp the same meaning of the original text. In this globalized world, a business that doesn’t expand and opens up to new borders gets behind the fierce international competition. With nearly 500 million Spanish speakers in the world, you have 500 million reasons to get your project translated by a professional linguist that knows how to effectively approach the market and deliver quality, native-like texts.


When the translation of a text involves an interaction with other elements, such as audio, video, pitch, tones, symbols or music, we need to take into account their impact on the target culture when creating a final, integrated product, and this requires different skills. This is called localization. If you are working on an awesome video game and you want it to be available to more players, or if you want to have thousands of new costumers visiting your website in their mother tongue, I can be the solution to bridge the gap between two cultures.



If you want your multimedia content to carry your message to as many viewers as possible, you need to make it readily accessible to everyone, which includes an international audience and users with hearing disabilities. I provide transcription, time coding and subtitling services to deliver precise, culturally-mindful subtitles that fully adjust to your video or motion graphic and convey the heart of your message.

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My name is Camila Gomez Zamo and I’m a certified English to Spanish translator currently based in Spain. I’m a Latin-American Spanish speaker with extensive linguistic knowledge and academic training to handle texts with care and observe the appropriate use of language for each particular context. Besides, I’m a responsible, hard-working and reliable professional that always prioritizes good communication and understanding throughout every step of the translation process.

Languages have always been my passion, so in 2018 I graduated from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina —one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America—, and received a BA degree in English Translation. 

With over three years of experience in the translation industry and thousands of projects from a wide range of fields succesfully and satisfactorily completed, I can confidently deliver first-class translation services for my clients.

I specialize in video games, website content, apps, and subtitling, but I also work in the fields of healthcare, literature, and legal documents.



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"I reached out to Camila to offer her a position as Editor in Chief for the the Cuban Journal of Rheumatology, which she most generously conducted with excellent results. I highly reccommend her services!"
"Responsible and fast response!"
Snow Meng
Project Manager, Asian Multilingual Services

Camila A. Gomez Zamo

Camila Gómez Zamo

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